Fieldwork Vega, geothermal prospecting USA, State of Nevada.

Profile, at a depth of 400-700 m, an inclined low-resistivity object stands out. It is a single body with a near-surface object emerging at the surface on PK 2 300 – 2 800.

On the volumetric model built according to the AMT data, the low-resistance object at depths of 400-700 m has a significant distribution, and the near-surface object is localized.

Taking into account the absence of a tire within the limits of the exit to the surface of a high-lying low-resistance object, it should appear on the surface in the form of a source.

In the absence of a source and connection between the objects, the deep-lying low-resistivity object is of certain interest for the search for thermal waters.

The sequence of conducting electrical exploration in the search for geothermal objects

Based on the experience of exploration of geothermal deposits, performed with high efficiency, it is possible to show the sequence of application of electrical exploration methods of magnetotelluric and audiomagnetotelluric sounding.

The first stage is AMT and MT sounding along the regional profile. As a result, a geoelectric section is constructed, reflecting the presence of an anomalously low-resistivity horizon in the depth interval from 0 to 500 m.

At the second stage, AMT and MT soundings are carried out in the areal version, due to which maps of the total longitudinal conductivity are constructed with the identification of anomalous areas.

At the third stage, anomalous areas are detailed and a field model is built with recommendations for drilling.

Geothermics, discovery of new geothermal deposits.

The resources of geothermal energy sources on Earth are 10 times higher than the potential of hydrocarbon resources.

Geothermal deposits have been discovered today in 80 countries of the world, 58 of them are actively using the energy of the earth’s interior. The share of using geothermal energy resources can be significantly higher, while the environmental situation will improve and the consumption of expensive hydrocarbon raw materials will decrease. These arguments make it possible to highly appreciate the urgency of intensifying the search for new geothermal deposits on any continent.

Since the middle of the last century, Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands, and Primorsky Krai have been the main regions where geothermal energy has developed. Currently, two geothermal thermal power plants (Geothermal power plants) in Kamchatka generate ~ 60 megawatts.

Exploration of the Verkhne-Mutnovskoye and Mutnovskoye fields, on which these stations are based, was carried out using electrical exploration methods: magnetotelluric and audiomagnetotelluric sounding (MTZ and AMT). In addition, electromagnetic soundings were carried out by our specialists on the Hengil volcano in Iceland, in the mountain ranges of Italy, on the Reckyon island in the Indian Ocean, in the southeast of Armenia, etc.